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Patriots SERVE Kirkland City Council–Stand For Unvaxxed Firefighters

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WCRC is standing behind this fiery group of citizens in Kirkland standing up for their firefighters that were terminated for not being vaccinated. Check out the video as they serve papers on the Kirkland City Council, holding individual members accountable for their actions. This group has worked closely with the affected firefighters and their families, helping with moral and legal support against these mandates. They will keep going to city council meetings as long as necessary and would love to have a large, friendly audience at the next meeting–held every two weeks on Tuesday.

Our own Dan also spoke to the council reminding it that 1) The city is violating ADA law in that there has been no assessment whatsoever and 2) claiming Undue Hardship which must always be fiscal. Yet the City has produced no numbers or budgetary impact. In fact we all know they actually spent a lot more due to the firing because of the massive overtime that became necessary for those that remain on the job. Lastly, even the city’s underlying premise that COVID-19 is a serious infectious disability (so serious that perfectly able bodies folks have to be fired) yet has not taken the steps to confirm that a single fired individual is actually infectious, making its treatment of the disease more aligned with something that is Transitory and Minor. Of course any citation of CDC or other health authorities has no actual weight in that these are advisory bodies in in reality provide no more than an opinion.

LETTER RECEIVED 9/2/22: Response from Kirkland City Council to firefighter regarding “Notice of Violation”

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