Washington Civil Rights Council

Stand Exempt from Workplace Covid Mandates

Washington Civil Rights Council has helped tens of thousands of employees across WA state claim their exemption from the mandatory covid vaccination shots.

Take a Stand

If you are here, you probably have a notion that the mandates are unlawful but may not be sure exactly why or how. Have confidence that you are speaking out with others and groups all over the state. Download the Constructive Notice shown below to inform your employer:

  • Authorities cannot delegate powers to your employer that they do not have themselves.
  • Coerced compliance with medical procedures violates the doctrine of Informed Consent and equates to assault in the eyes of the law.
  • Vaccine manufacturers and government have pushed all legal risk onto employers. Business owners are NOT protected. They can face lawsuits for damages.

Download an easy to read companion to our Legal Notice: Constructive Notice Summary

If your employer is mandating vaccination, you do not need their permission to opt out.  We are still a free country and you can turn in a Statement of Declination.

Use this Cover Letter, which you can customize (download Cover Letter as a Word Document), when sending the Constructive Notice and the Statement of Declination via Certified mail.

Wrongful Termination Legal Action Program

Take meaningful legal action about your Wrongful Termination.   The WCRC Legal Action Program is always Pro Se and donation-based to allow anyone access to justice   You will receive a custom Demand Letter along with a Memorandum of Law, by Lawyer Luis Ewing,  to send to your(former) employer requesting  that the employer reinstate and/or compensate you.  If you are technically employed but have been placed on leave, there is a letter to Stop Termination.   Please get in touch with us to learn more

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