Washington Civil Rights Council

Legal Support for Businesses

WCRC is helping businesses and business owners being harassed by health and licensing agencies for non-compliance with nonsensical masking and ‘vaccine’ mandates 

 Businesses Empowered

We have found that most business owners and managers want to do the right thing, which involves an operating approach that welcomes all customers and retains good employees.  Businesses are torn between what the state is demanding and their actual desire to follow state and federal non -discrimination laws that apply to all Public  Accommodations.  The mandates being forced on them are antithetical to the spirit of Customer Service and to everything America stands for.   WCRC is helping businesses stand up for the LAW with confidence. 

To educate your employees, clients and ignorant government agents, you can use this Public Notice.

If you want to signal to the community that you are an inclusive business, consider using this Welcome Window Sign.

We help business respond effectively when facing complaints, threats and fines from various  government agencies, like L&I, DOH or the LCB

  • Many agencies lack authority to enforce health policy
  • No government official or agent can require that you practice medicine or law without a license
  • Your business license with the state includes no obligation to participate in the government’s medical experiment
  • Unlawfully imposed mandates can result in property (business) damage for which you could seek compensation

Legal Action Support Program for businesses

If you have to respond to a complaint against your business or have been fined for non-compliance with “covid mandates,” contact us to learn about our Legal Action Support Program for Businesses.

As a first step, we will provide you a legal letter from Lawyer Ewing to send in response.  The letter informs the recipient agency of the laws they are violating and is customized to your business.  The Legal Action Program is donation based to allow access to legal help for all business. 

We are working on addition legal tools to support businesses and are happy to hear from you with your questions. 

Hear Victoria speak about Vax ID legal issues