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Vaccine Injuries Front and Center – Shocking Pfizer Report!

If there was one way to put a “STOP SIGN” on Covid vaccination, it may be by presenting evidence of harm so incontrovertible that all doubt would vanish. The last nine pages in Pfizer’s own Cumulative Analysis of Adverse Events from its vaccine product come close to being that kind of shocking evidence.

Pfizer had no intention of releasing the analysis/report to the public for 75 year but was compelled in court to do so this March of 2022. The analysis, which contains a list of known adverse events from the jab based on data gathered through Feb 28, 2021. is shocking in the sheer number and nature of the types of injuries reported.

Pfizer’s document, starting on page 30, contains nine pages of adverse effects in alphabetical order from A-Z. There are in total over 1300 conditions reported! A random look at the very first page of symptoms shows life threatening conditions like – acute myocardial infarction, acute respiratory distress syndrome; acute respiratory failure.

A great discussion of this Pfizer report’s findings can be found at GreenMedinfo