Washington Civil Rights Council

Statement regarding Lawyer Ewing and W.A.P.A.

In recent past there appears to have been a rift between Lawyer Luis Ewing and WAPA (Washington Parents Alliance) organizer, Eryn DeFoort.  Unfortunately the rift has resulted in a series of emails from Mr. Ewing to the WAPA coordinators email list.  The emails have been lengthy, borderline abusive, and upsetting to many of the WAPA volunteers.  In addition, a recent email from Mr. Ewing implied that key members of WA Civil Rights Council (“WCRC”) would be joining a video call to “expose” Ms. DeFoort.  This was inaccurate and never agreed to.  

WCRC had developed a successful relationship with Mr. Ewing working on a number of legal projects. To date, Mr. Ewing has delivered high quality legal documents for WCRC and provided valuable legal expertise.  When WAPA was being started, WCRC offered to team up with Ms. DeFoort in working with Mr. Ewing and offered the use of its existing systems for record keeping and fiscal transparency.  Ms. DeFoort opted to form a separate working relationship with Mr. Ewing instead.

It is unfortunate that the rift that developed between Mr. Ewing and Ms. DeFoort resulted in turmoil for the Freedom community and that the good work of WAPA was overshadowed by the contentious dissolution of the partnership between Mr. Ewing and Ms. DeFoort.

This is a clarifying statement that WCRC in no way condones the nature, tone, or length of the emails referenced above from Mr. Ewing, and we have asked Mr. Ewing to stop.

WA Civil Rights Council
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