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              WCRC On The Air

WCRC on Talk Radio, 570 KVI – the Ari Hoffman Show on May 11th.  Dan from the Washington Civil Rights Council shared about the injustice still happening in some workplaces.

To hear the clip, go to the 1 hour 45 minute mark for the Episode from May 11th.


Past Events

April 12, 2022 – Hear from Frank Dahlquist, captain firefighter at Eastside Fire & Rescue as he shares his and his colleagues; journey to keep their jobs over the last six months.  (Play Video)

Weekly Employee Support Meeting. 
Open to all those affected by workplace mandates.  This weekly meeting offers moral support, information, and guest speakers. Meetings are held weekly on Tuesday evenings at 5pm. Please email [email protected] for more information.

March 12, 2022 – Larisa shares her personal experience with Patient Advocacy and provides tips for how to maneuver and survive the hospital covid treatment protocols

March 5, 2022 – Dan returns to IRIDA.tv to discuss the monetary incentives given to businesses and public entities in order to get them to comply with “covid’ restrictions

Story of Power, Control and Corruption

“Full Exposure” – Part 1
Town Hall 02/20/22


Covid Patient Advocacy and Hospital Protocols

“Full Exposure” – Part 2
Town Hall 02/20/22

Repeal of VaxVerify and Business Advocacy

“Full Exposure” – Part 3
Town Hall 02/20/22

Seattle Protest: Victoria Palmer speaks at March For Freedom

Seattle, WA  1/08/22

IRIDA TV interviews Dan about Stopping the Vaccine Mandates at Boeing 

Interview 1/08/22

Lawyer Ewing Shares how to STOP vaccination termination

Town Hall Presentation 11/20/21

Exposing Vax ID Legal Issues in King County (WA)

Town Hall  11/20/21

Pastor Rainwater of Grace Point Church Speaks with Eryn

WCRC Interview 10/04/21

Dan educates about
Your Right to Say NO

Slavic Gospel Church 09/27/21

Was WA Emergency Order Unlawful?

Karl Kanthak – Part 1
Town Hall  09/25/21

Hey Governor, was there an Emergency Plan?

Karl Kanthak – Part 2
Town Hall  09/25/21

Did WA State Gov. outsource the Emergency Response?

Karl Kanthak – Part 3
Town Hall  09/25/21